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Halal Butchery Geelong


Doustan Supermarket is a family business. The owners moved to Australia in 2013 with several years of experience in the retail and customer service industry. In 2015, the family established Doustan Supermarket in Geelong and guided this fledgling enterprise to what is now a thriving and successful retail outlet. Doustan Supermarket maintains a friendly, welcoming and warm environment for its customers and always offers the best quality groceries and meats. Doustan Supermarket prepares its meats, groceries, soft drinks, toiletries, snacks, kitchenware, nuts, pastries, fresh fruit and vegetable daily, with an eye for both quality and presentation.

Doustan also offers specials in groceries and meats every Sunday. It offers you, the customer, a wide range of products as a one-stop shop for your pantry and kitchen.

Doustan Supermarket invites you to visit the store and enjoy a hassle free and value for money, experience.

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